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Why Choose VAU Networks for your Gaming and Voice Servers?

VAU Networks Gaming Division was founded in 2014 as a Dedicated Service department provided by VAU|Hosting which is part of the internationally recognised Not- for-Profit Voice Artists United Networks (Founded in 2008). Our goal is an incredibly simple one.

To provide High quality, reliable, and affordable game and voice servers to the gaming community with a no BS approach and an awesome family atmosphere. Voted #1 on the Coding Beast's HostPicker and with an incredibly good standing in the Steam Community it's no wonder why we are the first choice for your services.

Our operation is completely transparent and we encourage you to ask questions, the entirety of VAU Networks is run by two brothers from the United Kingdom. Chris Kendall (The Founder and Director of the VAU Networks) and Ryan Kendall (The C.O.O and Gaming Department Director) along with the assistance of live support staff, All Staff at the VAU Networks are 100% Voluntary and all funds go back into the business to improve services and products along with development of much needed (an quirky) products / downloadables / services.

We strive to be your one stop place to go for all things gaming and constantly add new items to our itinerary on an almost weekly basis Please take a few minutes to read some of the common misconceptions about game server providers.

Public vs Private

Don’t get fooled by Public vs. Private servers. Game Server Providers charge more for public servers simply because they are more popular. Public servers use the same amount of resources as Private servers do. At VAU Networks, most of our servers are £0.37p /$0.56c per slot if you want it to be a private server then put a password on it. We do not place restrictions on how you run your server!

Higher price means better Services/Servers

Our servers are all Dell R410's Running Dual Hexa-Core Xeon systems with 128GB of Ram and 6TB of SSD Storage in Raid, The Network is on 10GB Fibre optic port connections. VAU Networks uses it's own Data Centers on Owned units compared to most games server companies that rent cheap and poor quality units /services, with very poor connectivity with sub-standard interconnections and/or routing. VAUHosting / VAUGaming has the best phenomenal network capacity and upstreams in the North East of England with the following IP transits via Scrubbing centers for active DDoS Mitigation: NTT +10GBps GTT / Linx / Cogent Shared +10GBps IX Reach +10GBps Hurricane Electric and Portland - Shared +10GBps It's incredibly difficult to find anyone else with the stability, security and pro-activity that the VAU Networks contains.

Lag Free Servers

It is highly unlikely that you will ever get a game server that is lag free 100% of the time. Their are many factors that cause lag are not controlled by the GSP inclusive of leaked addons (which we do not condone), Home Networking, Routing from your current ISP and others. VAU|Hosting/VAU Networks provides quality servers, exceptional support at an awesome price and we stand behind our commitment of 99.99% up time.

Higher tick rate means higher cost.

The system resources used by a 100-tick server are almost identical to a 66-tick server. 100 tick servers do have a slightly higher CPU demand but that is why we use Dual Quad Core servers. 33, 66, or 100 tick are value for money per slot.

Server overloading (contented servers) OverSelling.

Some think that larger GSPs can provide better performance because they do not over load the servers. At VAU Networks, we use a 50% resource utilization model. We monitor our server resources and limit the system CPU load to 50% at peak usage. What does this mean? We limit the number of game installs per server based on performance not a set number of game servers.

Support from lower cost GSP's surely cannot be as good as the larger GSP's?

We guarantee your support ticket will be answered within 12 hours if not your next month rental is free. We also offer live chat, email, and phone support. Go to any of the large GSPs and see if you can talk to a live person about your problem and get anywhere near the awesomeness what you get with us.

Website design reflects on the professionalism of the company.

With VAU Networks we are in the game/voice server rental business. We are not selling web designs. Keeping our cost down allows us pass the savings on to the client. When you come to our website you are not there to purchase web graphics you want affordable game servers, although we do admit our site is also pretty awesome.

Game Hosting

We will host any game that has dedicated server files or has the ability to be hosted by private Game Server Providers. Some ranking restrictions will apply. We strive to keep all of our game server prices value for money, however depending on resource utilization this is not always possible

CPU Affinity

Make sure you are getting what you pay for. Many Game Server Providers offer servers at a 90p per slot or less. You need to be careful and understand what it is you are getting. Often GSPs will offer low slot rates then restrict your CPU Affinity. Some even offer CPU Affinity upgrades charging as much as £19 for real time Affinity (all 8 cores). Understand this, purchasing a game server with a single CPU Affinity does not mean you have a dedicated CPU core for your server. You are still sharing that single core with other game servers. Do not get confused and don not fall for the CPU Affinity scam. At VAU Networks what you see is what you get, we do not limit CPU Affinity, all of our game servers run in real time on all cores when available.

DDoS Protection

Many GSP's claim DDoS protection when in actual fact it's almost impossible to protect 100% from attacks without spending hundreds of thousands on sophisticated equipment and at most the Port (your server) which is being attacked will more than likely be turned off during an attack to protect the other users, and then turned back on when the attack has subsided. At VAU Networks we do not claim to have superb DDoS protection but we do have both Passive and active Mitigation in place through firewalls, Massive bandwidth and other tricks but we cannot guarantee that you may not experience minor disruption. Our advice is to play sensibly and not to invite persons to attack your service due to bad management of servers, play professional, play safe, play happy!